Baby, It’s Cold Outside

After a no-time-for-lunch first day back at work after a week off for the holidays, this evening was a welcome chance to relax–mostly.   Outside it’s the coldest it has been all winter; it’s windy and below freezing.  So it was nice not to have any activities to take any of us back out once I picked up our oldest from driver’s ed on the way home from work and Mom got home from a doctor’s appointment with our other two kids.

After dinner & homework, our 8 year old wanted to play chess.  So we built a fire, and then he and I set up his board on the family room floor and played for a while.

We all love the sports and other activities that usually fill our family calendar.  The kids are stronger people on many fronts because of those experiences.  But an easy night once in a while is healthy, and if it happens to fall when it’s bitterly cold outside, so much the better.

Tomorrow, volleyball and swim practices pick up after their holiday break, and driver’s ed meets again.  But for tonight, throw another log on the fire.

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