Whose Cello Is It, Anyway?


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I don’t actually play the cello.  I’ve never had a lesson.  I have experimented with the bow once or twice, but that’s it.  The piano is actually my just-slightly-less-portable instrument.  (Our county’s school buses do not allow large instruments due to space and safety, so pardon the attempted humor.  We view Mr. Cello as a 6th member of the family.)

Now, my son?  HE plays the cello.  In my dad-opinion he plays pretty well, and he says he enjoys it.  And, to be clear, I 100% enjoy listening to him practice.  He has plenty to learn, but a little of the boy’s cello brings a bit of peace to my day.

Our problem is the classic parent-child instrument practice grappling along the lines of “It’s time to practice!” leading to “In a little while” or “Just 20 minutes, right?” or “We had strings in school today, so I don’t need to” or……

So tonight I brought the boy to an important crossroad:  It’s up to you.  You start middle school next year, and it’s time for you to decide whether you want to play the cello or stop the cello; there’s no more saying ‘Yes I do!’ but showing ‘I want to get good but I’m not all that interested in doing what it takes to get there.’

He doesn’t need to TELL me what he wants to do.  He’ll show me.  And either way, it’s OK.  Mr. Cello is now a hassle-free topic.  And that brings a little more peace.

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