An Empty Day on the Calendar

Last weekend something rare happened. 

5 columns on the family calendar–one for each member of the family:  All blank.  No volleyball tournament.  No swim meet.  No lacrosse/soccer/fill-in-the-blank practice.  No tutoring.  No lessons.  No meetings.  No dinner obligation with extended family for a birthday or holiday.   

All of our usual events have important places in the life we lead.  Getting up at 6:00am or earlier on a weekend morning for an all-day sports event can be painful, but the kids–and, once we get there, the parents–enjoy them.  Practice schedules complicate life, but the kids are healthier in countless ways because of the activities they have chosen.  Tutoring?  Family?  Obviously they are priorities.  So, like most families we know, we are used to being fairly busy 7 days a week.


But life needs a few sleeping in days now and then.  Toys and games deserve some attention outside of school vacation weeks.   The basketball hoop in the driveway wants a few shots once in a while.  And our family calendar needs a little more blank space.

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