I believe…

If blogging is about information and opinions–not necessarily in that order–a declaration of what the author thinks about a few things would seem like a good way to start.  So by way of introduction, and in the tradition of the immortal Crash Davis (Bull Durham, 1988): 

I believe best effort is how to judge success or failure.  Rules are to be followed, enforced, or changed–but not ignored.   Competing.  Proofreading.  Laughing until your back hurts.  Pro sports in America should have a relegation system like British soccer.  Commitments to teams for life, win, lose, or lose more.  The iPod, the zero turn radius mower, and the burrito restaurant have made the world a better place.

When expectations are clear, kids almost always try to meet them.  Fireplaces.  Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Updike.  Crichton.  Mr. Rogers.  Classic Looney Tunes.  Mr. Tony (Kornheiser).  Traveling.  I believe college is about a lot more than job training.  Mom & Dad watching a movie after the kids are in bed.  I believe pizza should always be reheated in an oven–never a microwave.

I believe thinking everyone who disagrees with you is a bad person or an idiot doesn’t make you enlightened; it makes you closed-minded.  People who think they have all the answers for their own lives are fine; people who think they have all the answers for everyone else’s lives are dangerous.  I believe there should be a constitutional amendment outlawing the words “good luck” to a child before a test or a sports event.  It’s worth it to stop and stare up at the stars once in a while.  And I believe selfishness is the worst trait a person can have; loyalty and confidence are two of the best.


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  1. I’m having a tiny problem I can’t seem to be able to subscribe your feed, I’m using google reader by the way.

    • dadknows

      Thanks for checking in. DKB is brand new, and I’m still working through the learning curve. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on with the RSS. Take care.

  2. Great first post as a way of introduction. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

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