Holiday Break Success

With several more days to go, this week has played out pretty close to my idea of a ‘how to’ for a successful winter break.  So far:

  • No 5-something a.m. alarms for any reason.
  • I have already hit that point where I have to stop to think to figure out what day it is–my personal litmus test for time off from work.
  • We have spent time w/ both sets of grandparents.
  • Family time:  Each of the kids received at least one Christmas present that lends itself to spending time with the others.  (video games, a foosball table, etc.)
  • ‘Me’ time:  Everyone has had some time for their own individual interests.
    • The Trio:  Lego sets, sleepover at a friend’s house, driver’s education classes, a baking class with a friend, reading…even a little homework
    • Mom:  an evening out with work friends, setting up a digital photo frame
    • Dad:  lunch with a friend of almost 30 years who lives 3 time zones away on his last day in town, writing this
  • Some long-lingering items on the household to-do list are now to-done.
  • Both of our high-commitment sports (high schooler’s club volleyball and the elementary middle schoolers’ year-round swimming) are off all week for the last time until Memorial Day.
  • Family movie night…finger foods for dinner & a DVD.

For us, this type of week is a healthy balance of powering down after a busy fall and taking time for things that don’t always fit during the school year.  Good times.

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